About the project

The project’s aim is to strengthen the capacity of NGOs and local experts, and their ability to attract EU expertise and funding for regional development, and to improve synergies between the third sector’s and local governments’ initiatives in the Black Sea EaP countries.

By tapping into the experience of Visegrad countries, the project will conduct online and offline training, foster partner dialogues and networking, and organize cross-border and cross-sector exchange and knowledge sharing.

About Top-Kaya

The Regional Development Centre «Top-Kaya» is a Crimean NGO with extensive experience of capacity building, network development, information campaigns, etc. Over the last 5 years, Top-Kaya implemented more than 20 partner projects (including international) and carried out more than 100 trainings. Experts of Top-Kaya worked for various international programmes, including UNDP and EU-funded projects. Successful examples of intersectoral partnership development on local and regional level – long-term strategies, communication plans, branding for territories – are part of the organization’s portfolio.